Sergey Pushkin

Managing partner

Yuri Astapov

Senior partner

Galina Bantsykina


Dmitriy Mitin

Liquidation consultant

Elena Pogosyan

Lawyer, registration and reorganization consultant

Elena Orlova

Senior accountant

Lyubov Kirichenko

Office manager

Inga Peryshkova

Lawyer, registration consultant

Ekaterina Kurganova


6 reasons to trust us

  • 1


    We don't simply have a group of lawyers, we have a cohesive team of professionals

  • 2

    Unique experience

    We have gained invaluable experience by working with corporate clients for more than 20 years

  • 3


    Professional defence of your business interests isn't just our job, it is also our mission

  • 4

    Loyalty to the client

    We are loyal to our clients regardless the gravity of their cases

  • 5


    We have great analysts who can find a key even to the hardest of cases

  • 6

    Quality over quantity

    We prioritise depth of immersion over breadth of offer