About Us

“Business Doctor” is a law firm that has been providing exceptional legal services since 1996. Today, “Business Doctor” is a leading firm in its field in Samara region.

We are proud of our clients, whom we have helped to solve the hardest problems / for whom we have solved the hardest problems.

We are also proud of our elegant court victories and we always add to the list of our most interesting and ingenious decisions.

We are a smaller scaled enterprise and staff is comprised of 10 to 20 professional lawyers, which allows us to effectively distribute responsibilities among the employees and tackle even the most challenging and labour-intensive cases without sacrificing the democratic environment in the team.

In 1996, we have started our journey with providing legal assistance with liquidation of companies. 20 years down the line we still provide this service, indeed we have greatly improved upon the procedure. The fact that we have been assisting with such delicate matters for so long testifies that our practice is both elaborate and open as well as in line with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Since 1999 we have been dealing with corporate bankruptcy, and hundreds of successful cases also attest to our proper approach to this service.

Since 2002 we provide and gradually increase our offer of legal services to various companies. We only offer those services that we can be sure we know how to do properly. And although it is inevitable that sometime something has to be done for the first time, we do not learn on the go while working for our clients. If we are not experienced enough in a particular field we notify our clients and recommend professionals with expertise in the needed sphere.

This approach ensures that our clients trust us, and many return when the need arises. Thus it is not necessary for us to take on any available offer of work and risk our clients’ money and reputation.

We are one of the few companies in Samara and even in all of Russia, which use hourly rate of payment for our work and we use special software used by American law firms to account for the hours worked. This system is convenient and transparent and contrary to the opinion widespread in Russia. Moreover, it is often cheaper than other law firms ask for their services.

Our office in centrally located near the historic heart of Samara and has everything to make you comfortable, not to mention the entire team of professionals (eager to help you).

Our company maintains stable relations with everybody who works in our field in Samara as well as with municipal and federal authorities.

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